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Als je op zoek bent naar dat perfecte meubel voor de afwerking dat je huis zeker zal onderscheiden dan is dit compacte en trendy houten tv-meubel de perfecte keuze voor jou. Met een trendy modern design met een stevige structuur is dit toestel niet alleen geweldig qua bruikbaarheid maar ook perfect als je je woonruimte wilt stylen en er een modern tintje aan wilt geven. Compleet met twee planken zonder deuren en twee openingen die zijn ontworpen voor kabels is dit apparaat perfect voor een televisieopstelling.

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If you are looking for that perfect finishing piece furniture that is sure to set your home apart then this compact and trendy wooden TV unit is the perfect pick for you. With a trendy modern design with a sturdy structure this unit not only is great in terms of utility but is also perfect if you are looking to style your living space and give it a modern touch. Complete with two shelves with no doors and two openings designed for cables this unit is perfect for a Television setup. The storage shelves are wide and have ample space to store electronic appliances such as DVD players and so on along with other personal belongings. The open storage area also makes for the perfect display space. With a wide top and a magnificent polished and chiseled look This area is perfect for placing either a stand-held or a wall-mounted TV unit. This space can also be well utilized for placing showpieces such as flower vases photo frames and mementos. Complete with a fluid and modern look with classic cuts this piece is modern encompassing the minimalistic style of design. The versatile and fluid design allows this piece to blend in and make a perfect addition to any home. This TV unit comes fully assembled with no additional attachments required ready to be placed. This TV unit is a must-have if you are looking to style your home.